Marc Jacobs

Topics: Anna Wintour, Marc Jacobs, Drug addiction Pages: 1 (350 words) Published: April 19, 2013
"Marc Jacobs Biography." A&E Networks Television, 2013. Web. 22 Mar. 2013.| DIRECT QUOTES FROM THE SOURCE

“Jacobs' grandmother also allowed Jacobs to enjoy a permissive adolescence full of self-exploration. "No one ever said 'no' to me about anything," he said.”

“In 1993, after Perry Ellis shuttered its manufacturing operations—and after Jacobs sent out a "grunge" collection for the label that critics loved but the company hated—Jacobs struck out on his own. With financial backing from his former bosses, he started his own company with longtime business partner Robert Duffy. The Marc Jacobs label soon proved a success.”

“In 1997, Jacobs was named creative director of the Louis Vuitton house of luxury goods in Paris. The job was a professional triumph, but it brought new pressures that threw Jacobs's personal life into a tailspin. He began a period of heavy drug use, with near-nightly binges of cocaine, heroin and alcohol. Friends, including model Naomi Campbell and Vogue editor Anna Wintour, persuaded Jacobs to seek help. He checked into rehab in 1999.”| MY IDEAS/THOUGHT BASED ON THESE WORDS Marc Jacobs’ grandmother really gave him lots of love, care, and support after the struggle of his family problem. The freedom his grandmother gave him would be a crux in which Marc Jacobs can be so successful. If his freedom was restricted in his teenage time, his talent and creativity might not be showed and influenced the fashion today. Jacobs didn’t consider the grunge collection as a failure, instead, he made the difficulty encouraged him, and gave himself a chance to prove success to those who used to look down on him. This kind of personality is a big influence in all success, which people cares about their reputation and cares about themselves.It’s usually hard for drug dealers and alcoholics to get rid of the addiction. However, Jacobs made it with the help of his friends. Friends and family is always a great influence to...
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