Marc Antony: One of Caesar's Avengers

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  • Published : August 22, 2010
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Marc Antony
Marc Antony is one of the many leading characters. Although the conspirators consider him to be a potential threat, his powers of retaliation are dismissed, the thought being that once Caesar has been killed, Antony will fall in line with the new regime. Standing in the background until his friend is killed, Antony emerges from the shadows into the role of one of Caesar's avengers. It is Antony who comes out as the winner of the civil war, becoming a co-ruler of the entire Roman Empire. But, above all, it is Antony’s smart wit and helpful traits that lead him to the top. Marc Antony demonstrates loyalty to Caesar by being influential to his fellow Romans. For example, he takes charge of Caesars funeral and leads everyone to go against the conspirators they just said they supported. He changed everyone’s mind by just stating his opinion. His influence overtakes the crowd. In addition, he doesn’t betray Caesar. Even though his friend is gone he doesn’t turn his back on him. He avenges his friend. Antony makes a great leader. Antony surely is compassionate in his dedication to Caesar. For example, he follows through with what he says. He commits his time and efforts no matter what it will take. He told Caesar that he would avenge him and he goes through with it. In addition, he risks his life to go through with his word. He is compassionate in giving his all. He surrenders himself to his cause. The Roman Empire would have been ruled differently if not for Antony’s strong characteristics. His steady virtue helps lead his army to victory.
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