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They ask what are the values of a Marae? And we think the values or significance of a Maori is based around people, rituals, spirituality and respect, but before we go any further then that we are to ask ourselves another question. What is a Marae? The Marae is a meeting place which consists of a carved meeting house (wharenui), a dining hall (whare kai), there is also the marae atea (the scared space which is located at the front of the meeting house). The Marae is a symbol of tribal identity, and security (being/feeling safe). The Marae is a meeting place where you can discuss problems or debate what you have on your mind, and is considered by Maori as a turangawaewae (which is a standing place, a place of belonging). In the Marae it is/you can feel the space of mana, and spirituality. It is where Maori customs are given ultimate expression. Also you can celebrate different functions such as weddings, christenings as well as tribal reunion and funerals. Through this essay I will be explaining some values to the Marae powhiri, aroha, karakia, turangawaewae, whanaugatanga, manaakitanga,

The powhiri (pohiri) is the welcoming ceremony on a Marae. A powhiri is a step by step process of removing the tapu of the visitors and making them one of the tangata whenua. The powhiri usually begins with the karanga a call of welcome. The start of the karanga indicated to the manuhiri that they are free to move onto the marae atea. The kaikaranga from both sides call to each other as they begin to start the intent and the purpose of the visit. The kaikaranga weave the two groups (hosts and manuhiri) together through their voices. Aroha is branched from manaakitanga. Aroha can mean respect, concern, hospitality and the process of giving. It can be shown in many different ways. In the way that tangata whenua volunteer to provide, with the manuhiri becoming a part of the tangata whenua, sharing the duties of the day and also relating to one another/people whom surround you....
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