Mapping an Argument

Topics: Gambling, Food, High-fructose corn syrup Pages: 2 (712 words) Published: October 6, 2012
SEPTEMBER 28, 2012

The first article talks about the lack of regulation on the quality and safety of our food supply even though there are health food options, such as fruits and vegetables. Especially, in the federal school lunch programs that have contributed to poor health of our younger citizens.

The United States has had one of the safest food systems in the world, but within the last few years 70 million Americans have gotten sick, 300,000 have been hospitalized, and 5,000 die from food-borne illnesses each year. Consumers always identify with wholesome – not harmful foods. Our children today are most at risk from these food threats, with about half of all food-borne illnesses hitting children under 15. The tens of millions of victims of food-borne illnesses represent only a small segment of the causalities from our failure as Americans to require safe and nutritious foods. A regulation of chemicals, many of the fruits and vegetables that should be healthy and nutritious are being laced with dangerous pesticides. Many foods that are being marketed to our children have trans-fats and high fructose corn syrup, that have contributed to the epidemic of obesity in young children, heart disease and diabetes in older populations.

It is far from perfect, but the Food Safety Enhancement Act (HR2749) was passed by the House of Representatives in 2008 and has taken steps in the right direction. The Act has given more authority to the FDA, which had restored some of the power to conduct food inspections and strengthen oversight. Yes, many regulations have been in place but since January 2010, over 850,000 pounds of beef have been recalled due to E. coli. Like I said it is far from over, but many more safety legislation should be able to target the largest causes of these food-borne illnesses.

I believe that all of this would not happen if the growth of small farms. The...
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