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Maple Leaf Shoes Ltd.
Case Study 13 – Safety at the Workplace

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Central Problem

The central Problem is that the Snack Bar’s employee, Sam Johnson, is infected with the AIDS virus, because of that his co-worker, Catherine Reading, does not want to work with him.


Maple Leaf Shoes Ltd. Is a medium sized manufacturer of leather and vinyl shoes with its main manufacturing facility and head office in Wilmington Ontario. It was started in 1969 by Mario Mancini. Currently it employs about 500 persons in its Wilmington plant and some 200 more in offices and warehouses throughout Ontario. Mancini had created an environment where employees enjoyed their work. This was evidenced by the natural development of a town (Leaf Town) surrounding the plant. This town was complete with a theatre, grocery store, recreation hall, drug store, sports teams, a club and a pub. They had everything they needed to be self sufficient. But in the mid 80’s Mancini sold the company to a conglomerate.

Since the takeover, the new firm has modernized the manufacturing operations and attempted to expand business within Canada and internationally but it has not given enough attention to updating its management practices. Besides, the union has grown from 10% to 60% of non-managerial staff. This encompasses 4 different unions.

Maple Leaf Shoes recently hired new safety coordinator, Jon Atherton, for its Wilmington plant. The new employee came from Vancouver, BC, where he worked as a supervisor on a shop floor of a small manufacturing firm. During his work there he gained experience in the area of health and safety.

Not far long ago Jon met with Sam Johnson, a 42 year old man who has been with Maple Leaf Shoes for eight years. Sam is one of the nonunion employees working at the snack bare, his job requires that he serve costumers and prepare “snacks” foods (such as toast, muffins, and...
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