Maos Last Dancer

Topics: People's Republic of China, Communist Party of China, Communism Pages: 2 (412 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Maos last dancer
Mao’s last dancer is a true story of Li Cunxin. Li came from an extremely poor family in a small village in China. When Li was only a young boy, he was selected to study at the Begjin dance academy to learn to be a dancer. When arrived in Begjin, the children right away started ballet trainin, they were also given education but the main focus was studying to be a ballerina. Li was then chosen to visit America for three months to train with the Houston ballet Academy. Li then fell in love with an American girl, Liz, and also America. Li is with the Chinese communist and is required to return except if he gets married to a U.S. citizen. Li gave up everything to stay in America. The government allowed him to live in America, but cannot go back to China ever. Li was known all over the world as a ballet soloist. He stayed with the Houston ballet for sixteen years. Li’s parents came to America to watch him dance, he was so happy to finally see his parents again. He then married Mary Mckendry and lived in Australia with their two children.

Main Characters:
Chi Cao – Li Cunxin
Bruce Greenwood – Ben Stevenson
Kyle Maclachlan- Charles Foster
Amanda Schull – Elizabeth Mackey

1. Li was born in Qingdao, China.
2. At the Beijing Dance Academy, Li trained ballet from 5:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. 6 days a week. 3. Li had six brothers.
4. China were communist at the time
5. Mao Zhedong was China’s leader
6. Li danced with the Houston Ballet Academy for 16 years. 7. Peasants made about 50 dollars a year
8. Li danced with the Houston Ballet Academy in 1995
9. Li fell in love 3 different times during the movie
10. Chinese couldn’t say anything bad about their government What happened during the movie:
1. · Communism was big during the time period of the movie. 2. War begins between Iraq and Iran
1. Labor was done but women
2. 1982- nation suffered deep recession ...
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