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Mao Zhedong

By | October 2012
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Chairman Mao is the Greatest Man
As every Chinese knows, after the founding of new China, Mao Zedong was the first chairman. We call him Chairman Mao. In my mind, he is the greatest man in the world. Last summer vacation, I went back to China. My family showed me a tourism project, which was called "Red Tour". Routes of that tour was almost the same with the Long March. The Long March was a Chinese revolutionary mythology. Mao Zedong led the Red Army trekked the hard journey of 8,000 miles, and established a new Communist base in Yan'an. That tourism project attracted me a lot. I was very happy, because I would travel eleven provinces. That was my first time to be in touch with history so closely. We started our tour from RuiJin, JiangXi Province. At the first day of the journey, I felt so exhausting, because we did not use any transports, we used our feet! Finally, the leader decided to have lunch. I was so hungry that I could not walk any more. During the time I was eating lunch, the leader said, "The Red Army soldiers could not have meals like us, they were always starving, because they did not have enough food, and the enemy would appear at any time fight with them. Sometimes, they just ate soup; when they were in very difficult situation, they would even ate belts and tree bark." After hearing that, I asked, " Did Chairman Mao eat the same thing with ordinary soldiers?" Unexpectedly, the leader said," Yes, but sometimes he had to stay up all night to discuss the routes of march with other officers, so they needed midnight suppers." When we finished the Red Tour, I considered The Long March as a miracle. Under that difficult conditions, Chairman Mao used his wisdom and strong willpower won the final victory. He is the genius of the war. Mao Zedong is a terrific man! Science then, I searched some information about Mao Zedong. I feel that he is a legend; he is the greatest man in the world. Mao Zedong is from XiangTan, Hunan...

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