Mao's Reign

Topics: People's Republic of China, Tibet, Dalai Lama Pages: 3 (636 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Ahmed Amr Helmy
Ch. 3 Pg. 57-69 Summary

China’s Great Famine (greatest famine in Chinese history)
• Result of collectivization programme in 1956
• Mao believed China had agronomists who would revolutionize food produce. Lysenkoism
• Russian scientists theory that “super crops” could be grown, which was proven a lie, but the Chinese believed it was true. • Mao later bases Chinese agricultural “constitution” on Lysenko’s teachings. “Sparrowcide” – Chinese populations mass killing of birds under Mao’s order, which lead to harsh consequences on plantation cycle. Starvation (50 million dead throughout China)

• Peasants asked no questions about absurd orders leading to their starvation, those who did were sent to camps where possibly millions starved to death. • Areas such as Hebei and Xinjiang suffered greatly, peasants selling children and wives for food as well as prostitution. Eventually, in some cases, cannibalism was reached but was faced with sever punishment. Conspiracy of silence

• Higher officials knew of the crisis and said nothing, instead reported great figures and charts of increased production. Grain and produce needed was sent over to support numbers stated earlier, produce which was needed to prevent starvation. Lushan Conference 1959

• Party gathering where Peng Dehuai, Chinese Defense Minister, told of death in his province and a great famine, but no party members came forth to solve the problem in respect to Mao and not questioning his wisdom. • Mao attended the conference with his wife, and made a speech denouncing Peng Dehuai and threatened anyone who would create a revolt amongst the people. • The recognition of a famine within the government was not made thus the famine intensified. Martial Law imposed

• Demonstrations arose and threats of a civil war were heard. Famine in Tibet (Tibet saw the most suffering from the famine) • An intended act of genocide by the Chinese government. •...
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