Many Problems Addressing Unattended Minors Crossing the U.S. Borders Illegally

Topics: Immigration to the United States, Illegal immigration, Immigration Pages: 5 (2122 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Leowena Gonzaga
Professor Alvarez
English 52/9:00
11 December 2012
Essay 4
“Help me, please!”
There are many problems addressing unattended minors crossing the U.S. borders illegally; but one of the problems that is most suggested is, poverty. Poverty is being extremely poor. “Children ranging from 14 to 17 and at times even younger are crossing the border unattended.” (Koppel) At such a young age, those children are willing to go through the journey even though there are setbacks they have to face and dangers that can come their way. “The U.S. is experiencing the largest wave of immigration in its history, a level of new comers that is once again transforming the country. Each year, an estimated 700,000 enter the U.S. illegally. Since 2000, nearly a million additional immigrants annually, on average, have arrived legally, or become legal residents.” (Nazario Enrique’s Journey xiii) This point out those children from the other side of the border is keep coming. Also, it points out that no one is doing anything to stop it. With the Mexican Law to be blamed, the children are able to get help from smugglers hired by family members; and the children coming in are not stopping. The numbers continue to increase.” (Koppel) The Mexican law is being blamed for the unattended minors because they do not know how to control their people from crossing. Also, with the new law, it seems to help the smugglers more rather than stopping the smugglers take children across the border for money. Basically, the Mexican Law is encouraging the smugglers to do more illegal work of smuggling. One of the main causes of unattended minors crossing the U.S. borders illegally is that they are not able to use their own natural resources, such as necessities of theirs from their homeland so they go to other countries to find it and they don’t feel like the minors are being protected. “434 million people suffered from malnutrition; today, 854 million people.” (The End of Poverty) Such statistics points out that millions of people go hungry for such a long time; which results to people moving from that place to another to find what they did not have back then to have now. “Many of the children are escaping gang violence and poverty and seek to reunite with parents who are in the U.S.” (Koppel) Having the feeling of having no protection, minors finds the need to move just to get that safe feeling because they know that they can’t achieve that where at. Also, it is a way for them to maybe get out of poverty because they are already in poverty and want to get out. With poverty, it causes parents to leave their children behind; resulting to minors going through the journey of finding their parents to gain back what the parents left. Having no access to a thing such as health needs, more than 22 million infants are not protected from disease by routine immunization and 2 million children under the age of 15 are living with poverty. (Shah) With not having to provide for their health needs, the number of the dead rises; coming from mostly minors and children alike, because they are the ones who needs someone’s help to provide for them. When they are, past that age, they go through the journey of going to another country to get those needs they were not able to get when they were small. I would say they are even lucky to be able to survive unlike the other children that did not. It saddens to see and hear the news of children having to go off on their own just to fulfill their needs. With minors going to the U.S. illegally, border patrols have to detain those children that were caught and await court. The children are put in shelters while waiting for court. “In one shelter at an Air Force base in San Antonio, about 200 children live in a squat, brown military barrack, sleeping on cots.” (Koppel) With the minors going to shelters are increasing, they are put in places where they know it is way better than what they had; but for the people organizing it,...
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