Many of Us Feel Unsafe at Night

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Many of us feel unsafe at night

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Many of us feel unsafe at night

Feeling unsafe is a phenomenon that affects all people in the society the same way regardless of their social status and gender differences. A large number of people feel unsafe at night because of insecurity issues in the society and the residential areas. Thesis: Though there are many things that make people feel unsafe at night, high crime rate and perception and fear of crime are the most common ones(Cordner, 2010).

The increase in the rate of crime in the society has caused fear among the members. various crimes including violent crimes, rape , murder , robbery and kidnapping are common in the society . Cases of violent crimes, rape, robbery and murder have increased for the last few years though law enforcement officers have worked hard to prevent crime and maintain law and order. This has caused fear and insecurity among different people in the society (Cordner, 2010). Men, women and children feel unsafe at night because they fear being attacked. People fear walking in public places and through public areas after specific hours at night because they fear being attacked. Fear depends on the person’s sense of being vulnerable and how they perceive danger. Women believe that they are more vulnerable to crime or attacks at night than men. They also believe that they are weak and slow on foot than male. The more people feel they are in danger of attacks, the more fearful they become. People living in urban areas feel unsafe at night than people living in rural are because of the high prevalence of crime in cities.

The perception people have about crime has also made people feel unsafe at night. Studies have shown that the perception people have about crime affects them negatively as it force them to live various places that they consider unsafe to live in safe places. For instance, people move from cities to...
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