Many Me's

Topics: Leadership, Self-concept, Learning Pages: 3 (866 words) Published: September 30, 2012
The Many Me’s Questionnaire

Words or phrases I use to describe my physical self
1.I am blue eyed man
2.I am 5’11
3.I am Stocky built
4.I am Balding
5.I am Average

Words or phrases I use to describe my personality
6.I am Authoritative
7.I am curious
8.I am analytical
9.I am kind
10.I am ambitious

Words or phrases I use to describe my social self (me interacting with others) 11.I am outgoing
12.I am comical
13.I am a good listener
14.I am a good communicator
15.I am not easily intimidated

Words or phrases I use to describe my character traits
16.I am a good person
17.I am ethical
18.I am a person of good morals
19.I am a person of high integrity
20.I am a leader

Words or phrases I use to describe my skills and abilities
21.I am a person who works well with my hands
22.I am very strong physically
23.I am good at coaching
24.I am a creative thinker
25.I am admired

Throughout my life I have been faced with many different challenges that has helped me become the person that I am today. My life started out pretty simple. For eight years I was an only child, and viewed by my grandparents as their pride and joy. Then my brother was born, my mom and dad separated, and I started getting into trouble in school, at home and eventually with the law. At this point in my life, I grew up fast and started forming the person that I have become based on my elders and other influential people I was surrounded by.

Every mal member of my family is a business owner or in management careers so I was taught leadership skills at a very early age. Through time, I learned how to be authoritative and analytical while still being a kind and caring person. I have been ambitious for as long as I can remember and believe that this was a trait I was born with. These are the most important identities that have been the most influential in developing my sense of self.

As an adult, the identities...
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