Many Forms of Animal Cruelty

Topics: Animal rights, Animal welfare, Animal testing Pages: 5 (1882 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Each day the number of animal cruelty cases in the media is only the tip of the iceberg. Most animal cruelty cases are never reported and the animals suffering goes unrecognized. Some of these types include; fur trade, animal testing, dolphin and whale slaughter, animals in sport and even in zoo’s. There are many types of animal cruelty, some of which people do not even recognize as being cruel towards animals.

Forty to fifty million animals are killed each year for their fur ("Speak out for Species Web"). Rabbits, raccoons, dogs, foxes, chinchillas and many more are killed in ways that are repulsive and heartbreaking. The animals are killed in ways that will not cause a mess so their fur is clean and the seller will get the most money possible. By watching Animal Planet I have learned that some of the ways the owners will kill the animals is by gassing them, breaking their necks or anally electrocuting them. The United States is not the only country that abuses animals. China will keep cats and dogs in very horrible conditions and then kill them by hanging them or strangling them with wire. Not only are animals killed for their fur but some are killed to make leather. Some of the animals killed for leather include cows, pigs, sheep and goats. Generally these animals will be killed at the slaughter house, this way the slaughter house can sell the animals meat and skin to get money. Sheep is another animal that is raised solely for their wool. They are usually shipped thousands of miles with no food or water, then slaughtered while conscious("Speak out for Species Web"). People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is an organization that is actively involved in trying to stop all forms of animal abuse but is very persistent on trying to stop killing animals for fur.

Taiji, Japan is famous for their annual dolphin slaughter. Dolphins are rounded up in a cove and killed by having their throats slashed or by being speared (“PETA Web”). The amount of blood that is shed turns the water bright red. From watching Animal Planets Whale Wars I have learned many things about whale hunting. It is illegal to hunt whale for food, so Japan and Iceland say that they hunt whale for scientific reasons. They kill them by a harpoon that has a grenade tip, which is designed to explode inside the animal. The Japanese kill a mass amount dolphins because whale meat is so expensive, therefor they sell dolphin meat as whale meat. There is no humane way for a whale or dolphin to be killed. They are chased around the ocean and then essentially blown up from the inside out. The Sea Shepherds are a group of American sailors that sail around the oceans looking for Japanese whale hunting ships and try to stop them.

A huge concern in animal cruelty is how animals are being tested for medical purposes. Animals are being tested with medicine that could potentially cure deadly diseases but the chemist will test the medicine on animals first to make sure its effective and safe. These tests usually include many animals and cause them a lot of pain. Three main tests that chemist perform are; Lethal Dose 50, Draize Test and Skin Irritancy Test (Stokes [Page 18]). From reading the article Best Practices for the Use of Animals Toxicological Research and Testing I have acquired knowledge about each of these tests. During the Lethal Dose 50 test animals are issued a harmful dose of a substance. The test is continued until at least half the animals are dead. Once the test is over the rest are killed anyway. This test reassures the toxicity of ingredients in consumer products. Draize tests also test the toxicity of ingredients. It is generally tested on rabbits. Chemist will give the rabbits a shot in their eye, this makes it easy to see the eyes reaction to the chemical. The Draize test normally cause the rabbits to go blind and endure extreme pain. The Skin Irritancy test is tested to measure skin sensitivity. The animals are shaved and then injected...
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