Manufacturing Industry Evaluation

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Manufacturing Industry Evaluation

By | December 2011
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Manufacturing Industry Evaluation

Mary Terry
ECO 204
July 11, 2011
Kathryn Armstrong

Manufacturing Industry Evaluation

In this paper I will discuss the concentration ratios for fluid milk; women’s and girls’ cut and sew dresses, envelopes, and electronic computers. Define the different of high and low level of competition between the four companies. I will discuss which companies are qualified an oligopolies manufacturer. Discuss whether or not oligopolies are considered to be bad for society or good for the economy. Here I will discuss the different rolls of product concept. Business uses feedback information from customers to determine if changes need to be made to their product. This can included new technology and pricing of current product. What options does a business have to survive in this economy to pay their bills and still be productive? Types of Manufacturing

The Fluid Mike Manufacturing handles one or more activates which include the processing of milk products, such as pasteurized milk, cream, and sour cream. The Women’s and Girls’ Cut and Sew Dress Company is the U.S. industry that is primary engaged in the manufacturing of women’s and girls’ dress from purchased fabric. This will included the purchases of raw material, designing, and preparing all material before going to the market. The Envelope Company consists of the mailing and stationery of any material that is a combination order. The Electronic Computer Company is mostly engaged in the mainframe, personal computer, workstations, laptop, and computer servers. These computers system can be analog, digital, and hybrid. Computers are use for personal and business transactions every day. The key is to complete the product to be ready on customer request whether it will be use for personal or commercial business. Concentration Ratios

All of the companies which include the Fluid Milk, the Women’s...

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