Manufacturing and Process

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Chapter 7: Multiple Choice Questions 1. An organization's process strategy a. will have long-run impact on efficiency and production b. is the same as its transformation strategy c. must meet various constraints, including cost d. is concerned with how resources are transformed into goods and services e. all of the above are true A job shop is an example of a(n) a. repetitive process b. continuous process c. line process d. intermittent process e. specialized process Three types of process strategies are: a. goods, services, and hybrids b. manual, automated, and service c. process focus, repetitive focus, and product focus d. modular, continuous, and technological Which of the following industries is likely to have low equipment utilization? a. auto manufacturing b. beer making c. television manufacturing d. hospitals A product focused process is commonly used to produce a. high-volume, high-variety products b. low-volume, high-variety products c. high-volume, low-variety products d. low-variety products at either high- or low-volume Which one of the following products is most likely made in a job shop environment? a. custom furniture b. graphite pencils c. television sets d. cigarettes Which of the following products is likely to be assembled on a repetitive process line? a. automobiles b. personal computers c. dishwashers d. television sets e. all of the above An assembly line is an example of a a. product focused process b. customized process c. repetitive process d. specialized process










Which of the following transformations generally has the highest equipment utilization? a. process focused process b. repetitive process c. product focused process d. specialized process Which of the following is false regarding repetitive processes? a. They use modules. b. They allow easy switching from one product to the other. c. They are the classic assembly lines. d. They have more structure and less flexibility than a job shop layout. e. They include the assembly of basically all automobiles. Mass customization, when done correctly, a. increases pressure on supply-chain performance b. helps eliminate the guesswork that comes with sales forecasting c. drives down inventories d. increases pressure on scheduling e. all of the above Which of the following characteristics best describes process focus? a. low volume, high variety b. finished goods are usually made to order c. processes are designed to perform a wide variety of activities d. all of the above are true Service blueprinting a. provides the basis to negotiate prices with suppliers b. mimics the way people communicate c. determines the best time for each step in the process d. focuses on the provider's interaction with the customer Which of the following characteristics best describes repetitive focus? a. uses modules b. falls between product and process focus c. widely used for the assembly of automobiles d. all of the above A drawing of the movement of material, or people is a a. flow diagram b. process chart c. service blueprint d. process map Strategies for improving productivity in services are a. separation, self-service, automation, and scheduling b. lean production, strategy-driven investments, automation, and process focus c. reduce inventory, reduce waste, reduce inspection, and reduce rework d. high interaction, mass customization, service factory, and Just-in-time In mass service and service factory quadrants of the service process matrix, the operations manager could focus on all of the following except a. automation b. standardization c. tight quality control 2









d. customization 18. Which of the following is true regarding opportunities to improve service processes? a. Automation can do little to improve service processes, because services are so personal. b. Layout is of little consequence, since services seldom use an assembly line. c. If a work...
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