Manufactured Landscapes

Topics: China, People's Republic of China, Shanghai Pages: 2 (767 words) Published: April 8, 2011
Manufactured Landscapes
The Manufactured Landscapes film had talked about the factories in China. There is huge factory with thousands of workers. All of Chinese workers are very quiet and focused to work on their own jobs. They required to do really fast worker and process to get everything in made on time. Most of them are wearing a yellow uniforms with yoke (green) and (ivory); a different groups in a different department. Ladies are wearing the blue bananas to protect their hair into their face, also to collect sweats. All of the employee was outside to have a meeting, it just perfect square in each group section by row to row. In each group section to have a leader to discussed about the process in manufactured. I think Edward, he is the one to take a photography of the Chinese people. The photo located at the gallery and it make a theme “Manufactured Landscapes”. There is a lot of photos of workers, coal miners, mountains, recycle wasted area, and a lot of things related to environment. In China, they have a whole bunches of junk yards in a separated items. Metals, the workers had to dig to separated the metals such as brim, other matters of metals. They make it cube stacks to crushed and organized to use for reuse again. They have a lot of metals contained alum, and very toxic. They required to wear gloves and mask to protect themselves, dirty clothes to wear, and it very dirty. Also they have a whole pile of telephones plastics such a whole phone, and dial rings. They all can melt and reuse to make it new items all over again. E-waste environment is awesome because I see a lot of Chinese people is happy to do their job to separated items into a pile. Like an old computer chips to take spikes off from it, separated it. It just amazing to see a pile in the same spot with a different categories. It very organizing and clean freak but still dirty at the same time. All of factories have a different ways, make clothes, electrical things, and everything is made...
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