Topics: World War II, World War I, Communism Pages: 1 (331 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Youth subculture are emerging on times of the individual crisis and the general society `misunderstanding behaving`; therefore they construct their own `slang`, line of clothing and general appearance e.g. punks got Mohican hairstyle, Goth dressing with dark colours clothes and wear heavy makeup to imitate pale skin. Distinction from the `parent society` - creates a new world to a member and set him apart from what he believes the cause for his miserable and confusion, being affiliate with like-minded convey the individual to full integration. Since world war two, there were countless youth subculture that represents a decade or public hardship for example; the hippies were the dominant subculture against commercialisation during the 60’s and Vietnam war - `pacifism`. This essay will try to demonstrate the reason why young people adopt distinctive styles and why do styles change so rapidly. Post world war two society –

Post war World War 2 drifted many changes in the industrial area, distinguish between old and new industries, the new industries based on modern technical and electronic and on the other hand, old industries experienced declining. Like the industries there were old and new areas, the most noticeable was south east of England that `sprunt ahead` of other regions (Hall and Jefferson, 2002, p.35). Many areas of the post war redeveloped and left areas to decay and drift downward `urban ghettos` or `new slums` (Hall and Jefferson, 2002 , p.36), the new neighbourhoods was constructed and built by working class forces which were more decisive about new pattern; more consistency and more `nucleated` family pattern ( Hall and Jefferson, 2002 , p.37 ). Furthermore, an ideology of `affluence` to emerge and the cultural `hegemony` which promised utopia of equality-for-all and raising-consumption, directed to and for working class by the media, political speeches and advertising. the dream to `affluence` ideology and overwhelming emphasis...
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