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Topics: Ergonomics, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Repetitive strain injury Pages: 8 (1343 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Computer Workstations & Back Safety

Definition: The study of fitting the task to the Goal: Prevent musculoskeletal disorders by human. surveying the workplace, take preventive steps, relying on employee input and addressing problems early. Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) Recognizing signs and symptoms of MSDs and how to report. Common Causes of MSDs Computer Ergonomics Safe Lifting Principles


MSD Injuries in general VDT/Computer Workstations Back Safety

Musculoskeletal Disorders
Caused by overuse or repetition involving: Muscles Joints Nerves Spinal Disks Tendons Cartilage Ligaments

MSD Symptoms & Signs
Symptoms should be reported to your supervisor early:
Muscle Fatigue Aching Burning Numbness Stiffness Tingling

Signs should be reported immediately:
Decreased range of motion Decreased grip strength Loss of function Loss of balance Deformity Swelling Cramping Redness Color loss

Adjusting the way you work removes stress. If injured you could develop a MSD.

Common Causes Of MSDs
Lifting- continuously lifting and moving Repetitive motion (factors: angle,

alignment, force, length of time without break)keying and using the mouse

Contact stress- hammering Extreme force- tightening objects Vibration- drilling Awkward postures- pulling carts

Why Worry ?
Musculoskeletal Ergonomic Injuries are the fastest-growing category (accounting for 1.8 million annual Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders Up 600% over last 11 years (MSDs). $9 billion total injury cost / year & $29 K / case compensation claim cost More lost workdays for MSDs (ave. = 30 days for a Carpal Tunnel injury)

MSD Injury Data
600,000 MSDs require time off from work. Women suffer more ergonomic injuries due: – to having jobs requiring more heavy lifting, repetitive tasks and awkward postures – 70% of Carpal Tunnel – 62% of Tendonitis

CTD Injury Factors
Lesions to tendons of the neck, back, shoulders, arms, wrists or hands Primary causes: – Repetitive movements over long periods of time – Awkward postures – Use of excessive forces

MSD Risk Control: Posture
NEUTRAL & COMFORTABLE: – Wrists straight – Shoulders relaxed with elbows close to body – head / shoulders & back in vertical alignment – Frequent breaks when bent postures can’t be avoided

Ergonomic Alignment

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Occurs with repetitive motion of hands & wrists--especially with high force levels, compression of nerves and tendons

MSD Risk Control: Repetition
Eliminate unnecessary tasks / movements by redesigning procedures and workstations Take short, frequent breaks Alternate tasks and processes to use different muscle groups

radiation hazard nor pregnancy risk from PC usage. Workers using bi/tri-focal glasses before beginning PC use may need special purpose glasses for computer work.

possible. NIOSH studies have not indicated a

Routine PC user is defined as spending 20 hours or more per week working at a computer. Studies of PC users have not shown a risk of eye damage...although fatigue is very

Computer Workstation Facts

Articulating Keyboard Support
Height Adjustable Positive/Negative Slope Mouse Attachment/Slide Support Palm Rest

Palm Rests
No medical evidence that they reduce RSI injuries...As they work for some, but not for others Usage Guidelines: – Buy rest that is even with top of keyboard – Material should be “medium-soft” (foam--gel mix) so foam doesn’t break down. AVOID hard plastic types – DON’T leave wrists on rest...which compresses carpal tunnel. Palm rest instead. – Changing typing habits more critical than wrist support – MOST APPROPRIATELY USED TO REST HANDS DURING PAUSE IN TYPING


Ergonomic chairs
Adjustable back height and angle Adjustable arm rests Adjustable height Five star base

Alternative Pointing Devices
Track-balls “Scrolling” Mouse “Touch pad mouse” Cordless mouse...
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