Manual Handling

Topics: Bruise, Need, Law Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Sirin Caglar
Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992
The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 explained that this law refers to lifting, carrying by force. Manual handling is there to stop injuries happening. This law also mentions policies, procedures and also that training should be put in place before using any machinery so that they are trained and know how to use them well. It is reasonably practicable that we should avoid manual handling when possible. How it affects care delivery

This regulation affects care delivery in many negative ways because more time is needed to move clients with the hoist and so they may not be able to make it on time to go to the toilet. It would also take time if they wanted to have a bath because they would have to do it all one by one in steps and then also take them back as well. The hoist also took time away from other clients as they would be busy using the hoist for the client who needs it at that time and so they could not focus on other clients until they have finished using the equipment. This means they are not providing good quality care. Mechanisation also took away personal contact and this may make the client lack comfort and may not even want to be there. This also took away clients choice because some clients may not want to use the machines when being picked up for e.g. the hoist and so they may ask to be carried however they cannot do this now because once this law was enforced it is now against the law to do this. However there are also many positives ways in how it affects care delivery and this is that using the equipment means it is less likely for clients to be harmed for e.g. old people may bruise a lot quicker than others and if they were picked up this could cause them to have bruises. So if the machines are used this shows good quality care as the clients are not put into any kind of harmful situation. Also when using machinery if there is no harm then this also means that you’re not...
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