Manual Billing Vs. Billing Software

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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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Between the manual billing and billing software, billing software is the best one. When you are manually preparing the invoice, you have to take care a lot the below mentioned thing. * You invoice template is pretty and neat * It looks professional, and error free.

* Your invoice should have full of description of that what your customer are been charged. * Accurately keep the record of your customer and rates * Just maintain the status of being paid or unpaid

* Go after then for collection.
These all things are very difficult to manage and also very money and time consuming. So, rapid billing has come out with this online billing software. As compare to the manual billing online billing software is quite easy to manage and also is the solution of the all above problem. Online billing software is the best billing (invoice software) for all small and midsized business. Online billing software can simplify your billing and save you time and money. You don't need to employ an accountant to use online billing software. You can install online billing software and increase your productivity immediately! It will expand your business' billing management capacity. Here are some salient features and benefits are mentioned of using the online billing software: * It doesn't need any technical computer or accounting knowledge to create any invoice. Just install and start invoicing. * It has predefined communication templates and quotes like invoice header and footer, email templates, invoice cancellation, payment successful, and more. You can also add other templates according to your need. * It manages recurring billing cycles (subscriptions). * It sets the international currency and keeps import export customer, invoice, and payment and tax report. * It prepares online account statements. * Password protection for company's files....
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