Manu's Soccer Team

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Q. Evaluate Owen’s different options for growing MANU’s customer equity.

A. The case study gave us four options that Owen is considering for ways to grow his customer equity.

Option 1: Increase retention among kids over 14 years old. This option is tough because once kids get started in high school and get involved with school activities, it is hard to entice them to keep playing soccer in a non-school league. Many times, they school coaches/teachers will “ding” the students for missing games or events at school so kids will choose to miss a non-school related game vs. missing a school-related event because it affects their grades.

Option 2: Encourage customers to buy more.
I feel that Owen has offered a lot of variety in his academy offerings. I’m not sure what else he could add to get enough ROI on other products.

Option 3: Grow the business by entering new markets and acquiring new customers. This option might be possible if Owen is able to hire more people to help him manage the programs at the different locations. He can’t be everywhere at once.

Option 4: Serve more kids in surrounding markets such as Loveland, Longmont and Greeley. Owen will need to figure out how best to serve these kids. Build a program within their market, or have them commute to Fort Collins?

Q. Develop a set of marketing strategy ideas for each of the options.

Option 1: Marketing strategies for increasing retention among kids over 14 years old. I believe this option will be difficult, but Owen could try to start some programs for high school kids that involve refining their skills in order to prepare them for possible soccer scholarships. I might be able to develop a program around the idea of preparing the kids for college soccer, helping them understand soccer scholarships, helping them understand how to be successful in making a college team, etc. This strategy might attract the parents so that they keep their kids in the academy programs with...
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