Manson; Psychopath or Not ?

Topics: Charles Manson, Leslie Van Houten, Psychopathy Pages: 1 (360 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Personality Psychology
Dan Klaus

Charles Manson, an incredibly interesting breed of human, is quite recognizable for his well-known conspiracy of seven different murders of extremely wealthy people, committed by four members of the “family”. Some people say Manson was definitely a disturbed psychopath, while others argue he was a paranoid schizophrenic. My opinon, however, is that Charles Manson was indeed a deeply troubled psychopath, formed by unruly childhood conditions and rejection by his biological mother. This extremely dangerous man should honestly never cross paths with the outside world and the society it has formed ever again. Manson has shown extreme levels of impulsivity and manipulation, both consistent with the anti social personality. According to recent videos reviewed in class, from the early age of 13 Manson committed many different felonies and ran away multiple times, basically being raised in a juvenile detention center, which later became prisons. His personality and behavioral patterns were extremely erratic, as well as using bizarre manipulation of the people around him to get where he wanted in life. Also being able to change his moods pretty inconsistently, he could easily go from powerful and mighty, to tense and on edge. Unlike psychopaths however, Manson did not lie. He was extremely blutn and honest, not keeping anything from anyone. Two members of his “family”, Patricia Krenwrinkle and Leslie Van Houten, very young women who took part in the brutal homicides, have shown immense amounts of empathy and remorse, thus coming to the conclusion they are both not psychopaths, they simply have psychopathic tendencies. Many prosocuters believe these have no chance to ever receive parole, although I believe the women do. If given a psych evaluation, doctors may discover that they both were, in fact, brainwashed, unaware of the consequences that would be given in response to their actions as a result of the task they were...
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