Manor House: People in the Edwardian Time Period

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  • Published : November 28, 2012
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Manor House is a TV show about 12 people in real life, who choose to live in a manor house and live as a servants like the people in the Edwardian time period. These people choose to go three months away from their jobs and without all the luxuries of modern life. In Manor House there many servants, but there is also the family that runs and lives on the estate. This family on the show is the Olliff-Cooper family. Sir John is the Master of the House; it is his job to keep the estates up and running. Lady Olliff-Cooper is the Lady of the House. Her duty is to make sure that when there is a banquet everybody is sitting in the right order. Mister Jonathan and Master Guy are the two sons of the family. The last of the family is Miss Anson she is Lady Olliff-Cooper's sister. Miss Anson is unmarried, so she is living with her sister. After the family, the order of servants goes from highest rank, which is the butler, to the lowest rank of servant, which is the scullery maid. Mister Edgar is the butler. It is the butler’s job to keep the servants separate from the family and to keep the servants in order. Mrs. Davies is the housekeeper; her job is to make sure the female servants and male servants stay separate and that everybody is working as they should. Monsieur Dubiard is the chef, and his job is pretty obvious: to order, prepare and cook to the food for the family. The last upper servant is the lady’s maid, Miss Morrison. Her job is to prepare, the lady’s hair and clothes, and it is also her unspoken duty to gossip with her Lady about the lower servants. The highest lower servant is Charlie, the first footman. His duty is to serve Sir John and to dress him as well, but mostly his job is to be the butler’s right-hand man. Rob’s job as the Second Footman is to keep an eye on Master Guy, and that often means playing with him. Also his job is to get up early in the morning and dump everybody’s chamber pots. Rebecca is the first housemaid and Jessica is the second...
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