Manolete Review

Topics: Love, Bullfighting, Torero Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Jennifer Czerwinski
English 11
Green/ Sartori
Film Review Project
We all want things that we can’t have. As part of our human nature, we should know the difference between good and bad. But sometimes, we give in to the dark side and take a chance with the devil. In the film A Matador’s Mistress written and directed by Menno Meyjes, the same concept is depicted through the intense love affair between Manolete, Lupe Sino, and bullfighting.

Released in 2008, A Matador’s Mistress is a biopic, retelling the life and love story of the famous Spanish matador Manolete. After being warned by his mentors that getting romantically involved with a woman is forbidden in his career, Manolete eventually crosses paths with the most dangerous creature in town, Lupe Sino. Knowing that he is hurting his career by flirting with the devil, Manolete still goes for what his heart wants. The director, Menno Meyjes, clearly displays Manolete’s dilemma through his actions. His long stares, and regretful eyes and constant reminiscing of Lupe all show that he is aware that he is making a mistake by falling in love with Lupe. On the other hand, Menno Meyjes also illustrates Manolete’s fatal attraction for bullfighting and how he not only fights for his life, but for Lupe’s love as well.

In my opinion, A Matador’s Mistress is a masterpiece within a tragic love story. Not only does Menno Meyjes do a phenomenal job at recreating the life and career of Manolete, but he also went to extreme depths when in came to location and setting. As part of the audience, you truly feel as if you are back in 1950s Cordoba, Spain. The Spanish guitar playing in some scenes and the lavish matador costumes pop out of the screen and almost demand the audience’s eyes and ears to feel what Manolete felt in the film. The director especially stresses the reality of the metaphor that love is a bullfight.

By the end of the film, Manolete not only comes to the conclusion that his love for...
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