Manned Mission to Mars

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Of course, a man should go to Mars; it would be good for humanity. Humans always want to explore the universe and get more information about the universe. Similarly, many scientists are busy to exploring Mars and get more information about Mars, and try to send a manned mission to Mars. Some people think that a manned mission to Mars is better for humanity, and some people are opposed to it. Although some opponents think manned mission to Mars is not a good idea, in fact, sending a man to Mars would be very useful for three reasons: getting more information, exploring the universe, and finding an alternative of the earth.

Even though, some opponents to sending a manned mission to Mars are asking if Mars is dead, we do not need to go there, in fact, a manned mission to Mars would be useful to explore Mars and get information about the red planet. We should go to Mars because according to Gangle, “If Mars is dead now, but was once alive, understanding how Mars died may give us a crucial understanding of how close we are coming to killing the Earth” (qtd. in Joulwan, par.4). The mission helps us know more about our planet. Also, a manned mission to Mars can explore Mars for resources, for example, energy, minerals and much more. Similarly, a manned mission to Mars can do some experiments on such diseases, for instance, AIDS and Cancer on Mars.

Although some opponents think a manned mission to Mars can be dangerous for whom the human goes to this mission, most advocates think that sending a man on Mars will be helpful because human nature is explore more and more. Most of the opponents think a robot mission should go to Mars instead of a manned mission. According to some advocates a manned mission go to Mars, not a robot and they think a robot can do a few functions, but a manned mission can explore more of Mars's surface. In addition, according to Newman, "It's risky and it's also very costly, but there's just so much humans can do as explorers that we don't...
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