Manna Crisps Business Plan

Topics: Food, Snack foods, Bread Pages: 128 (38576 words) Published: September 10, 2008
I.Executive Summary3
II.Idea Generation4
III.Brief Industry / Market Background8
IV.Industry Structure10
V.STEP Analysis11
VI.Porter’s Five Forces of Competitive Position17
VII.SWOT Analysis20
VIII.Key Success Factors28
IX.Competitor Analysis30
X.Target Market41
XI.Competitive Strategy45
XII.Value Creation54
XIII.Growth Potential58
XIV.Vision, Mission and Values60
XVII.Marketing Plan66
XVIII.Operations Plan100
XIX.Financial Plan124
XX.Key Milestones133
XXI.Key Results Area134

I.Executive Summary

Almighty Foods Corporation was established in 2007 with the vision of increasing and enhancing Filpinos’ everyday lives through the advocacy of a healthy lifestyle in coordination with quality and home-grown alternatives. This is concretized by the company’s pursuit to improve the quality and health of food, which is an integral part of the Filipino lifestyle. In this process, the company aims to give new life to the local food industry by creating an internationally competitive product composed of local ingredients and manufactured with Filipino ingenuity. Thus, Almighty Foods Corporation has come up with Manna Crisps. Product and Business Concept

Manna Crisps is a healthy alternative to the commonly available snack foods, which have often forgone the value of nutrition in exchange for superior taste, thus ending up as junk food. It is also a more affordable and equally competitive alternative to the expensive imported health snacks which are actually composed of a number of inorganic substances such as sugar substitutes. Also, on the simple basis of product quality and taste, it proves to be superior to other commercially available crackers even with the seeming similarities in texture. This is the main thrust of ALMIGHTY Foods Corp. in their creation of Manna Crisps. It is formulated to become a synergy and combination of the main selling points of three main snack market segments. It is a healthy packaged bread product, an affordable health snack and a tasty and quality cracker. Marketing and Operations Plan

By being very selective and prudent with their actions, the company believes that they can gain a small niche market for Manna Crisps. Being priced at Php 50 per 100g unit, the company understands that it must focus its efforts on its target market (15-35 year-olds from the ABC1 brackets) heavily. These people would probably fit the profile of being college students or young professionals, people who are conscious about their health as well as living active lifestyle which may encounter hunger at any point in their day. In line with this, the company will make the good available where these people’s activities are most prevalent – college and office cafeterias, school functions and events, and it aware to these people through advertisements placed where they are most sensitive and using imagery which they are most responsive to.

With a need for a competitive product, the company chooses to implement a high level of total quality management from supply procurement until the product’s distribution, whether the sales are through direct selling, consignment or online ordering. Also, emphasis is placed on product freshness, that is why a just-in-time inventory system will be employed. Financials

ALMIGHTY Foods Corp. requires a minimal initial outlay of P18,000 to be equally divided among the six investors of the company. Majority of the initial investment shall be spent on the company’s initial inventory and bazaar entrance fees. The company is expecting to sell 1,060 units of Manna Crisps during the first three months of operations, yielding a net profit margin of at least 22% for each month. A 73% return on investment is therefore estimated after the third month, while a full recovery is expected by the end of the first year. II.Idea Generation

Food is one of the most basic necessities of...
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