Manipulative Advertisements

Topics: Psychology, Advertising, Want Pages: 3 (911 words) Published: November 18, 2010
Julian Narvaez
October 27, 2010
Assignment# 3
Doctor Lanka
English 111
Manipulative Advertisements
Everyday, we see advertisements all around us. Weather we choose to look at them or not, they are there. Reading from the text, “Advertisings Fifteen Basic Appeals” by Jib Fowles, talks about how advertisements manipulate the public. I have chosen to pick five advertisements of my own and will describe them and see, in my opinion, if these advertisements do manipulate me in any way. But not only will I examine these and give my opinion, I will describe them and tell what need it is targeting to get our attention the most.

The first advertisement I have chose came from a fashion magazine. The advertisement is for some jeans that will supposedly “instantly slim you” as you wear them. In the advertisement, it shows the name of the jeans in big text, two attractive ladies wearing the jeans (one mature and one younger), a mirror reflecting the back of the jeans on one of the ladies, and a quote saying “They fit and flatter.” I suggest this ad fits most with the need for affiliation. I think this because girls buying these jeans want to fit in with the group of girls who are already fit and slim. The ladies wearing these jeans seem happy to have them on and do seem slim already as if the jeans did all the work. In my opinion, it does manipulate the public because girls would buy these jeans because they do want to fit in. Even if these jeans don’t work, girls would still give them a try because the ad brings our attention and sells that they will do exactly what they say.

Another advertisement I have chosen is from a fitness magazine. This advertisement is trying to convince its viewers that if you buy the foods they are selling, you can have a dramatic loss in weight. The ad shows a before and after picture comparing the two and how much skinnier she is now just because of eating these foods. Also, it shows a text of how much weight she has lost, and...
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