Manifesto of Communist

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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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Noah Nellore
ACP 110

Manifesto of the Communist Party

Karl Marx and Frederick Engels had a vision to annihilate all social economical caste systems. The fathers of Communism glared at the open market in disgust and disappointment. They saw nothing but unequal treatment amongst the poor and the rich, or as they refer to as the “Bourgeois and Proletarian.” Karl Marx and Frederick earmarked the economy as an upper class followed by a working class making the rich, rich and the poor, poor. Although their analysis of the economy and their predictions was a faux pas they bore the ambition to create a new economy and political system comprising of non-diminishable authority over a nation. The manifesto asserts bourgeois as the upper hand chasing a higher level of technology and advancements for “dishonorable” profits. Essentially the point being made is the fear of the increase of prices, the advancement of technology, and replacing human labor for inexpensive and convenience labor in terms of industrial advancements. Marx mentions proletariat in ,The Manifesto of Communist Party, which defines a lower class group of people. Proletariat’s role in the economy consists of manual labor under the imperium of the upper class. Dating back to ancient Rome to today, the capitalistic economy embodies a group of investors investing in universal trade for expansion and an interweave of cultures. It also consisted of the proletariat group, or the lower class. These are today’s blue collar folks, as in those who work manual labor getting paid “enough.” As the Bourgeois control the economy the proletariat's are the manual laborers that work minimum wage under no worker protection rights, in terms of safety and clean working conditions (Dates back to 1800’s.) Also, the issue of the bourgeois using technology to replace the proletarians for expansion of trade and face the sole reason of greed. Marx intertwines proletarians and communism by acquainting the...
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