Manifest Destiny vs. Imperalism

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  • Published : October 28, 2012
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The Fraud of Manifest Destiny
Manifest Destiny was the religious based belief that the US was to expand from coast to coast or even to the whole of North America, which could have developed into imperialism. Imperialism is obtaining foreign lands. This can be religiously inspired, or as just plain greed or a need to gain political power. The main difference is that manifest Destiny is respectable and imperialism is now rather a term of abuse. Manifest Destiny is imperialism covered up with the word of God, is gives people the right to steal from Native Americans. The US was not imperialistic though they had some of the same attributes as imperialistic nations. They did not have the strong desire to dominate other nations, and create colonies on other continents. They were expanding across unexplored lands. Since they owned the land they should take it, and use it. They made a lot of mistakes at high cost to the natives. There were many instances that Native Americans were tortured and taken from their home lands such as the trail of tears. These instances did not make America imperialistic just for this time period it was exemplifying some of its characteristics. Imperialism isn’t always the best way to go about obtaining land. For example, William Walker tried to grab Nicaragua and claim it for himself. He was a self proclaimed president of that nation. He immediately made slavery legal and installed unjust laws by the wave of his hand. Eventually Central American forces aligned to take out this imperialistic monster and he was taken out of office almost instantly. William Walker is a good example how full blown imperialism cannot work in society and how Americans will never let any of its ideals ever come into power until they reason that “God” sent them to do his work. The question they should have asked themselves is “Do I really know what God wants?” The US began as a colony of Britain, but it sought independence, and separated...
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