Manifest Destiny and Sectionalism: History Quiz

Topics: Slavery in the United States, United States, Compromise of 1850 Pages: 4 (797 words) Published: May 16, 2013
History 11
Manifest Destiny/Sectional Divide

1.|After President John Tyler vetoed a bill to establish a new Bank of the United States,| A)|he was formally expelled from the Whig party.|
B)|all but one member of his cabinet resigned.|
C)|an attempt was made in the House of Representatives to impeach him.| D)|Tyler also vetoed a bill to distribute federal land revenues to the states.| E)|all of the above.|

2.|The only member of President Tyler's Whig cabinet who did not resign in protest over his policies was| A)|Henry Clay.|
B)|Zachary Taylor.|
C)|Robert Walker.|
D)|Daniel Webster.|
E)|Millard Fillmore.|

3.|The Aroostook War was the result of|
A)|a short-lived insurrection in British Canada.|
B)|the Caroline incident.|
C)|Canadian weapons and aid given to American Indians.|
D)|a dispute over the northern boundary of Maine.|
E)|a fishing dispute between Britain and the United States.|

4.|The major argument against annexing Texas to the United States was that| A)|it could involve the country in ruinous wars with Britain and France.| B)|it would add strength to the southern “slave power.”| C)|Texas would be far larger than any existing American state.| D)|it would be better to retain an independent Texas as a buffer state.| E)|it would lead to tensions and possible war with Mexico.|

5.|Arrange in chronological order the United States' acquisition of (A) Oregon, (B) Texas, (C) California.| A)|A, B, C|
B)|C, B, A|
C)|B, A, C|
D)|B, C, A|
E)|A, C, B|

6.|In the Oregon treaty with Britain in 1846, the northern boundary of the United States was established to the Pacific Ocean along the line of| A)|42º.|
B)|52º 40'.|
C)|54º 40'.|
D)|36º 30'.|

7.|Arrange the following in chronological order: (A) Bear Flag revolt, (B) Slidell mission rejected, (C) declaration of war on Mexico, (D) American troops ordered to the Rio Grande Valley.| A)|B, D, C, A|

B)|A, C, B, D|
C)|D, B, A, C|
D)|C, A, D, B|
E)|A, D, C,...
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