Manifest Destiny

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, United States, Andrew Jackson Pages: 8 (2802 words) Published: January 13, 2013
1. The California Gold Rush of 1849►

1. The gold rush of California, started back in 1848, where a man had found gold. A year later, after word got around and President James Polk had confirmed the discovery of this precious metal, people from all over left their life behind and rushed to California, a land where wealth was promised. In total, about 300,000 pioneers came in search of money and fortune, half traveling by water, through the present day Panama Canal, and the other half traveling by land, through the California Trail and the Gila River trail. The gold rush of 1849 resulted in major population growth, gold-seekers coming and transforming small settlements to massive cities and towns.

2. The California Gold Rush of 1849 is a justified reason for Manifest Destiny because both share the same concept of gaining money. The movement of Manifest Destiny is made up of three main ideas; and, power and money. The miners and the people selling them supplies were also focused on gaining money. By selling gold, the immigrating miners were provided with money and people like Levi Strauss earned a fortune by selling supplies. Those who participated in the California Gold Rush were able to fulfil their dreams of wealth and riches. 3. When immigrants started coming to California at a growing rate, the land’s resources were being used more frequently. These resources were eventually taken away from the people who had resided in the area previously, the Native Americans. In addition to this, people were prospecting the area and left behind silt, gravel and toxic chemicals. This pollution eventually led to the destruction of habitats and terminated fish, game and other animals, as well as agricultural land. When Native American tribes, like the Shoshone and the Paiute, could no longer depend on hunting and harvesting for food, they began to starve because of the harmful effects that the gold rush was bringing.

2. Louisiana Purchase►

1. In 1803, the United States purchased 828,000 square miles of land from France. King Napoleon Bonaparte sold the land for $15, 000, 000. Thomas Jefferson was in office when this purchase was made, and had originally thought buying the land was unconstitutional, but went on and bought it anyway to gain free access to the Mississippi River, get rid of the French, and protect trade in New Orleans. 2. By buying a huge amount of property from the French, the United States was able to expand the country’s boundaries and benefit from the lands resources, like land for growing crops and precious metals and minerals. With this purchase we gained land, and later on after exploring the area, we gained power over the colonists and natives living in the area, and money from the land’s resources. 3. A negative Impact that the Louisiana Purchase brought was tension between the United States and Spain. The land that was sold to the U.S. by the French used to be controlled by Spain when they triumphed in the Seven Years’ War. Three years before the territory was bought, the Third Treaty of San Ildefonso was made between France and Spain, making the French promise that the land would not be sold to a third party. The Spanish believed that France did not have the right to sell the land and became angry, which gave Americans reasons to fear and believe that Spain might try to take over the land by force.

3. Indian Removal Act►

1. In the year of 1830, current President Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act into law. The law was created so that we would be able to negotiate with the Native Americans and try to move them further west in exchange for their homeland, which was located in the southeast. What was supposed to be a voluntary relocation, but ended up being forced, resulted in the Trail of Tears. This was a 2,200 mile long journey to Oklahoma that the Cherokee had to endure.

2. The Indian Removal Act was an effort to gain the land of the Indians’, similar to Manifest Destiny, a...
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