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Save the Girl Child
Greetings for the New Year.
As the New Year dawns, our country
stands poised to touch new heights on all
fronts, but unfortunately the women of India
still continue to suffer from "discrimination".

The girl child is still underprivileged and
neglected and unwanted. As professionals
caring for the women only, we FOGSIANS
also have a huge social responsibility to
change the Indian Scenario. If we are aiming
to save our mothers we first need to save the
girl child and somehow make the girl child
feel "Wanted".
The problem of women in India is
complex and can be described by the word
W E E E E P ( Wo m e n E m p o w e r m e n t ,
Education, Employment & Environment
A lot of us are doing great work towards
upliftment of women and will continue doing
so. Let us get together FOGSIANS and
make a new Indian Women Literate &
Healthier & Let us reach the unreached and
use our will & skill to save women's lives.
Come forward

Dr Narendra Malhotra

Dr Jaideep Malhotra

An unborn, muted cry arose,
From the depth of a mother's womb
All our virtues and ethics froze,
As they built the unborn child's tomb.
The eerie shadow looms over,
The happily grieving kin,
Brazen faced, over their daughter's loss
and the gruesome sin.
The girl, they call a burden,
Would be no less than a shame
The boy, jewel of the family.
Would carry on the prestigious name.
No answers are available for this gory act,
Just a perilous, scarlet silence.

At the outset I congratulate
Dr. Narendra & Dr. Jaideep Malhotra for their
persistent endeavor for save the Girl child
Initiative. The Girl child is truly under threat
today in India with its social context. First the
unwanted girl as a fetus then as an infant and
later as an adolescent mother.
PCPNDT act though right in its spirit has a lot

of ambiguity and this further has complicated
the issue.
We as a conscientious
organization are greatly disturbed by the
changing gender ratio in our country. We
have collectively pledged that we will not
indulge in this deplorable practice of sex
selection. We have also created cells called
DOSST (Doctors Opposing Sex Selected
Termination) through which we would like to
help implementation of this law. But as the
law stands today we are not directly
empowered to do so. In fact all of us are
looked upon as culprits and many a time held
as criminals for some trivial transgressions. I
was fortunate to put forth the intense feelings
of each and every member of our
organization in front of the Chief justice of
India Honorable Justice, K.H.Kapapdia at
3rd National Medicolegal Conference 2010.
At the beginning of my tenure we had
organized a huge rally at Baramati with MP
Supriya Sule and all the concerned
authorities, medical, social and political
participated in pledging to oppose the
heinous practices of sex selection. A huge
human chain was formed and the awareness
was reached out to all the members. The
Obstetrics and Gynecological society of
Baramati sure must be congratulated for the
The appallingly high maternal mortality
is also as the result of very early marriages. It
is sad that in the more populated states,
60–70% of the women are married before
age 18, 36% give birth before the age of 19,
about 12 lakh teenage girls give birth by the
age of 16.
We need to empower these girls
through education and availability of
adolescent specific care. I truly appreciate
the efforts taken up by each member of the
FOGSI for the cause of the girl child and am
sure we will one day overcome this menace.
Warm regards
Dr. Sanjay Gupte

Child Adoption Programme by Smriti India

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