Manhattan - Woody Allen

Topics: Love, Romance, Woody Allen Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Art History 1101
April 22, 2013
Manhattan, the widescreen black and white film directed by Woody Allen creates a very poetic and romantic atmosphere. Each shot is deliberate and beautifully constructed around the suburb of Manhattan. The cinematography allows one to view the city through eyes of Allen and fall in love with the city just the same. The dialogue displays a witty narrative that illustrates romance with comedic undertones and touches on themes of love and loss. From the opening scene, one can expect to be engaged and entertained by the visuals and music preformed by George Gershwin. This dynamic movie creates questions more than it answers them, which is reflected in the characters of Manhattan who don’t know what they want, but continue to live life blind sighted in a world of unpredictability.

The antagonist, Isaac is a middle-aged man in a complex romantic relationship with Tracy, whom is less than half his age of 17 and feels like she isn’t taken seriously. At the surface, this relationship seems to be insipid and criticized by his friends, but ironically, Tracy has what the characters lack: simplicity and maturity. Isaac is a character that is surrounded by the dysfunctional relationship of his best friend, Yale, whom is cheating on his wife with Mary, a very intellectual individual with a snobbish attitude that rubs Isaac the wrong way upon their first meeting. Regardless of their age, these adults manifest problems onto themselves and are short sighted when it comes to the subject of love.

Isaac and Yale are identical in character. They’re both helpless when it comes to affection and disregard their deepest emotions when it comes to women. This movie isn’t so much about love, but more about the wistful and aching feeling of regret after mistakenly breaking up with women they took for granted. Isaac ends his relationship with Tracy by telling her to think of him as a fond memory and twists his words to make it seem like his...
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