Manhattan Woodie Allen

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Issac's Transformation
Woody Allen’s film, Manhattan, takes its viewers on a journey through the life of a middle-aged television writer who has trouble with relationships, named Isaac Davis. Isaac has a very distinctive personality. He can become very paranoid over the little things in life and he sees very black and white. Those characteristics prove to be tragic for his relationships with women. In the film, Isaac is currently in a relationship with a seventeen year old girl, named Tracy. He already has been divorced twice and his latest ex-wife, Jill, left him for another woman. Among the chaos of his relationships, Isaac also falls for a woman named Mary who his involved with his married best friend. Not to mention Jill is writing an explicitly detailed novel about their relationship together. Isaac is faced with many moral dilemmas throughout the film. There is something to be learned from each one of these problems for Isaac and as a result he transforms and grows as a person. The biggest reason for Isaac’s transformation is the way Jill describes him in her book. Her words open his eyes to his true colors and he realizes that he doesn’t want to be known as that unhappy and paranoid person. His relationship with Tracy also has a big impact on his transformation. Tracy proves to be very mature for her age, which over time, eventually rubs off on Isaac. He also learns from his short, superficial relationship with Mary. Her dominant personality forces Isaac to step back and experience what it’s like to not be in control.

Works Cited
Four Films of Woody Allen: Annie Hall, Interiors, Manhattan, Stardust Memories. New York: United Artists Corporation, 1980. 181-272. Print.

I. Introduction- Isaac’s transformation
a. Jill’s book
b. Isaac’s relationship with Tracy
c. Isaac’s relationship with Mary
II. First Body Paragraph
d. TS: Jill’s description of Isaac in her book is the biggest reason for his...
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