Manhattan Project

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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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At 5:30 am, July 16th, 1945 with in the matter of a push of a button, incredible flash and a wave of heat, the world had entered the atomic age. Our homeland, the United States of America were the leaders of this by secretly hiring the most scholarly German scientists to create the very first nuclear explosion, Trinity.

The idea of “Trinity” began in 1939 when the famous scientist Albert Einstein had came up with the idea and his fellow scientists persuaded him to tell Franklin D. Roosevelt of his massive discovery. The next year Franklin D. Roosevelt gave the scientists $6,000 to start up the project.

This project was later named “the Manhattan District Project” because most of the research was being done at Columbia University in Manhattan and used as a code word across the country being that it was a top-secret research project.

In 1942, it was declared that the United States of America joined World War II and upon that action, the United States war department was given joint responsibility of the project. After this the project quickly progressed and our army forces started searching for a spot to set up this massive bomb somewhere across the country; after some searching they found a perfect spot in the middle of the dessert of New Mexico. Stimson, the secretary of war sent a letter to a school in the nearby area saying that they had to evacuate the school because it was being taken over by the government as of December 4th, 1942.

In 1943 in Los Alamos, New Mexico the bomb was perfected by chemically diffusing the two elements, Uranium-238 and Uranium-235 and was ready to be created all with the help of Great Britain and Canadian scientists but mainly, German scientists.

By the time 1945 came around, there were 37 installations across the country, 13 laboratories and over 100,000 people involved on perfecting the execution of this project with out any faults. The original $6,000 that was supplied by the government with F.D.R’s approval turned into...
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