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Topics: Irrigation, Mango, Water table Pages: 10 (3934 words) Published: October 5, 2011
The purpose of this document is to describe and explain various issues related to mango tree management. An attempt is made here to present the reader with the principles behind mango tree management and to build a conceptual framework for developing a tree management system for mango cultivation so that a mango grower can himself/herself devise a management system for his/her orchard taking into account the conditions of the orchard site and resources available for his enterprise. This document briefly covers the basic aspects in mango management from site selection and land preparation to variety selection, planting, caring young and then bearing trees, pruning, training and finally a brief description on plant protection aspects. Pest and disease control measures are not discussed in detail as these information are well documented elsewhere. You are invited to read the whole document at first, however briefly, to get a broad general understanding of how the different operations come together. Then over time re-read the individual sections in greater depth for specific information. If a scientific tree management package as detailed in this document is adopted, it may be possible for one to act to avoid the problems in the orchard rather than reacting to them after the problems come up. You and the nature need to run your orchar d rather than allow the orchard to run you. To do this, it is imperative to understand the whole issue of tree management and how each small bit of information on management aspects meshes together. Then the mango cultivation will become a pleasure and a relaxation instead of a drudgery. Acknowledgments

The author gratefully acknowledge Dr. S.B.D.G. Jayawardena, Director, Horticulture Research and Development Institute, for his encouragement and guidance extended to him during the preparation of this document. He wishes to extend his appreciation to Mr. Y.P. de Silva for providing with him a lap top computer for word processing. Understanding Mango

Mango cultivation in the world is expanding due to the popularity of this fruit and ever increasing demand for fresh and processed mango products. Hence, there is also a great potential to expand our mango cultivation in Sri Lanka. However, a profitab le mango industry depend on the production capacity of trees. Trees must be in a position to produce sufficient quantity of fruits every year. To achieve this status, trees must be managed, whether it is in a home garden or in a commercial scale orchard, using a proper tree management system. Before we embark on growing and managing trees, it is indispensable that at first everybody has a good understanding about this crop -Mango and its range of available varieties. Therefore, let us briefly examine what is mango and mango varieties first . Mango is an evergreen tree grown under tropical and subtropical environments around the world. It is botanically named as Mangifera indica and is a member of family Anacardiaceae. There are mainly two types of mangos classified according to the place of origin, monoembryonic mangoes or Indian varieties of subtropical origin and polyembryonic mangoes, varieties of tropical origin. Monoembryonic varieties were evolved in subtropical India while the polyembryonic mangoes were originated in wet tropical south east Asia. Over the years, these varieties have been moved from place to place around the world and cultivated. Because of the cross pollination nature of mango flowers, new varieties have been evolved as a result of natural and man made crosses wi thin and between these two groups of mango. Thus a range of widely differing varieties have been appeared over the last few decades. Out of these varieties, superior candidates giving high yields and quality fruits were adopted as cultivars ( Cultivated Varieties) in mango growing regions of the world. The best of these have been mass propagated with vegetative means and well established and famous...
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