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SLP: Second Part
Many healthcare programs have modified their operational design and culture to one of being patient-centered while being fiscally viable. As part of your interview of a healthcare manager or executive selected for module 1 discuss how the program was or will be transformed to be patient-centered. In your discussion please address the following questions.

1. How was the program restructured or reengineered to adapt to internal and external factors impacting it? 2. What internal and external factors were considered in the transformation? 3. What were the barriers or obstacles were encountered (e.g. internal politics, economics, resource limitations, time constraints, etc.). 4. What is the potential impact on the program of technology, legislation, etc on the services provided on the program. *Please note that you may add any additional questions that tie into the themes presented in module 2.

1. Q: I have been at this unit for 4 years when I went to work at the hospital everyone was complaining about all the changes made why did these changes occur.

A: Like it or not everyone had a budget including the military, but during the war no one cared about the budget but as the war started to wind down people start to pay a closer eye to our budget. This causes some real eye of concern.

2. Q: What were the some of the thing that cause the restructuring of the fire center clinic to where it’s only soldier and some the other changes they made in the last 5 years?

A: Originally soldier and their family member were all seen at the Fire Center Clinic which causes three major issues. First was overcrowding and over booking, second was patient care civilian vs. soldier attitude of both patient and doctor, thirdly was miss use of appointment and missed appointments.

3. Q: How did they decide on what changes were to be made and what internal changes were made or consider and external?

A: For many years patient both civilian...
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