Mang Inasal

Topics: Philippines, Filipino people, Philippine cuisine Pages: 1 (347 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Mendiola, Manila
Mang Inasal Philippines operates quick service. It specializes in chicken inasal an various pinoy products. The company’s menu include pinoy palamigs, pinoy and keso burger, beef singangs, and bangus sinigangs. And they also serve pork barbeque and other Filipino favorites. Apart from the usual food presentations of multinational food company copycats, Mang Inasal endeavors to adhere to elements that bear a distinctively Pinoy stamp-grilling with charcoal, rice wrapped in banana leaves, a marinade concocted out of local spices and herbs, bamboo sticks for skewers, and the ambiance that encourages kinamot (the ilonggo term in eating with the hands) whenever chicken inasal is served. All these evoke a rush of nostalgia for tradition, culture, and most of all, Home. Mang Inasal is proud to do its share in alleviating the unemployment burden of the country. It is effectively stimulating economic activities in communities where branches are situated. Local suppliers of calamansi, charcoal, banana leaves, sorbeteros, vegetables, fish, bamboo sticks, and other ingredients, as well as LGU's, trisikad (pedicab) drivers, and a host of other enterprises are benefited by the presence of Mang Inasal in their area. And the reason Mang Inasal is widely patronized by Filipinos is that the quality of their food and service is almost beyond reproach (of course nobody is perfect), and not to mention the reasonable price for each meal. For just P99 you will get almost half of a chicken, soup, and all the rice you can consume! When you ensure the highest quality of your products, you don’t have to find people. They will find you.

That’s exactly what Mang Inasal did. With their inasal (beyond any words could express how delicious, sumptuous, satisfying it is), their friendly, quick service, and the dynamic teamwork of its employees, Mang Inasal has reached success and will surely reach more heights in the future.

By now, it should be obvious how...
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