Manet, Monet Comparison Essay

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  • Published : February 7, 2007
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Manet & Monet
It is evident that two great impressionistic artists that both influenced each other are Edouard Manet and Claude Monet. Despite the peculiar similarity in their names, they were very good friends, and both learned from each other to improve their art. They were both successful painters who we can all learn from even today.

They both had very similar lives, even before they knew each other. Edouard Manet was born in Paris in 1832. His father's family was wealthy landowners and government officials, while his mother's family was distinguished diplomats and army officers. They both wanted Edouard to continue in their footsteps, yet he had different plans. He refused to do as they wished so they sent him to a teen army school. While there he didn't concentrate on his school work and drew in class, so he was kicked out of the school. Claude Monet was also born in Paris, but in the year 1840. He grew up in the country, and was bored with academics like Manet. At 15 he met an artist who inspired him to paint coastal scenes. He later moved to Paris, where he saw Manet's work, and was inspired to paint with light. He befriended Manet, and they became very good friends, and would often paint together.

They were both impressionistic artists, and both were fascinated with light, and how it changes. If anything, we can look at their paintings, and learn a tremendous amount on how light changes and how to capture it, and then therefore apply it to our own art. I like their uses of light, and reflections that they were able to do. I think that after time I will be better at painting reflections and light, because of the work that they both did.
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