Maned Wolf

Topics: Mammal, Species, Extinction Pages: 2 (368 words) Published: May 29, 2012
Endangered Species: An endangered species is a population of organisms that are in danger of becoming extinct because of small numbers or is being threatened by changing habitats. Maned Wolf
Range: The maned wolf lives in central and south eastern Brazil, Paraguay, eastern Bolivia, and northern Argentina. Habitat: The maned wolf inhabits open forest, savannah, and marshland. Diet: Maned wolfs are omnivorous, eating small mammals, fruits, insects, birds, bird eggs and vegetation. Adaptations

Structural: Stands about 3 feet tall at the shoulder and weighs about 50 pounds (23kg), it has long ears about 7 inches. It is reddish brown with a mane along its back. Its throat and tail tip are white. It has long, dark legs. It has large molars to process the fruit in its diet.

Behavioural: Maned wolfs rotate their large ears to listen for prey in the grass. It taps the ground with its front feet to flush out the prey and then pounces to catch it. Around dusk maned wolfs emit loud barks, or roar-barks to let their mate know where they are and to warn other wolves to stay away. Functional: Maned wolfs give birth to live young.

These adaptations help the maned wolf to survive in their habitat. Eating a fruit called the lobeira fruit helps protect the maned wolf from the Giant Kidney Worm, a parasite that infests fish and crustaceans that the maned wolf eats. Long ears help the maned wolf to hear small animals in the grass and long legs help it to pounce on animals or to dig out small rodents. Why they are endangered: Humans are maned wolfs biggest enemies; they are hunted by humans because their body parts are believed to have magical properties. Humans are also taking over their habitat and destroying it. What is being done: Maned wolfs are protected in Brazil and Argentina. North American Zoos have established a species survival plan for the maned wolf. Zoos are breeding them and working with conservationists to study them, safeguard their living areas and to...
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