Mandatory Sex Education in Schools

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  • Published : April 26, 2011
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Mandatory Sex Education in Schools
What is the right age to begin teaching sex education to kids? About 820,000 young women are pregnant before the age of twenty. There is no denying that teen pregnancy has risen tremendously in the past few years. Girls younger and younger are becoming pregnant. Babies essentially are having babies. These young girls do not personally have the ability to raise a child when they are only a child themselves. Financially they are unable to care for the baby and that is putting more people on welfare and other government programs which are costing at least “seven billion dollars annually” (Family Fist Aid). Not only are these girls financially unstable and young, but many do not get proper prenatal care for their infant. Babies are born sick and unhealthy and end up with lifelong problems. Parenting is a full time job and should be done with a mom and a dad. Teen mothers today are learning to be single parents. So often the dads abandon the mom and leave them stranded with no one to turn to. Seventy nine percent of all pregnancies are to unmarried teens (Family First Aid). Many babies should be given up for adoption so they may be raised in a loving family who is ready to parent and has the ability to. Unfortunately, this rarely happens. These babies are being raised in a situation that is unhealthy and has potential to be damaging as the child gets older. Many of these teen moms and dads were never taught about the different methods of birth control and the importance of it. Most schools have chosen to restrict the teaching of sex education because of so much controversy. I feel that since teen pregnancy is rapidly on the rise, mandatory sex education should be taught in all schools. This essay shall focus on the importance of teaching methods of birth control while still giving attention to the input that parents think. Furthermore, the astounding statistics of teen pregnancy and the impact on the lives of both the child and...
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