Mandatory Military Service

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Mandatory Military Service

Dr. John Doe,

The plagues of our modern youth such as: increase rate of High School drop outs, drug usage among teens, gang activity, lack of self esteem, failing ethics and compromised morals would be greatly improved with mandatory military service. It is my belief that mandatory military service would increase: health standards, patriotism, educational levels, morals, ethics and force citizens to take a higher interest in world affairs and politics. Military service would create a society that is stronger, both physically and mentally, and it would make our government officials less trigger-happy. Foreign countries would be less likely to attack America, making it impossible to invade our country physically and economically, and therefore return our society to a strong and proud nation it once was. Currently military drafts are instated in countries throughout the world, both in times of war and peace. A military draft is defined as a forced military conscription requiring its citizens to serve a mandatory military term as specified by the country or governing body. There are many countries that have a draft and there is a concern that the United States (US) might be one to join them. I am a link of many prior and future generations that voluntary served. My service of five years with the USMC was very positive experience and has helped me to become the successful professional person I am today. Like many, I am concern that the US’s all-volunteer force may not be able to meet the expectations and needs for the country, especially when its troops are stretched around the world in places such as Afghanistan and Iraq for long periods of time. This concern and rumors about the draft have been fueled by an executive order (13223) that enforces the military’s use of a so called “stop loss” program and by the H.R. 163 proposal (Universal National Service Act of 2003) which calls for a national mandatory draft. The introducing of these have also created many concerns in how the Department of Defense (DOD) currently manages its troop supply and well as its possible need for stop loss order and a draft.

Only after the Vietnam War did an all-volunteer army replace the draft. The registering for the draft continues since President Carter re-instituted it in 1980(Stetz). Since then, several bills were proposed in Congress to reinstate the draft. A recent proposal is the Universal National Service Act of 2003, also known as H.R. 163. The intent of this bill was to provide common defense for America by requiring that all persons aged between 18 and 26 provide a mandatory military service term of two years unless they are exempt under certain provisions. H.R. 163 can be implemented by the president with regulation as necessary (US Congress). The bill is pending in Congress and may be passed if the current administration finds that there is insufficient troop strength in Iraq and other potential conflicts around the globe.

The Bush administration had denied rumors that they intend to reinstate the draft and insisted that the current level of the volunteer force is sufficient. The Department of Defense officially denied the rumor and stated that “the all-volunteer military is meeting recruitment goals and can handle the growing demands for troops.”(Stetz) It continued to argue that the armed forces are looking for more high-quality willing participants rather than large numbers that would be delivered by a draft. The denied rumors were also fueled by the proposed military draft legislation as well as the Executive Order No.13223. The order called up reservists under a restricted amount of funding in response to terrorist attacks. In an amendment to that order, created nearly four months later, the number of members to be activated was increased. It stated, “It is necessary to increase (subject to limits imposed by law) the number of members of the armed...
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