Mandatory Drug Tests for Welfare Recipients

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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Should welfare recipients be drug tested? We have many different opinions about this subject. The problem is that people are receiving free money from the government and purchasing unnecessary or illegal products. Is that fair to people who work hard to earn their money and pay the taxes to support these addictions? No, it’s not fair. The money should go straight to support the individuals’ families until they can support themselves without the help of the government. People who can afford to buy drugs don’t need help from the government. Welfare should be used for its purpose only. Without drug testing people who receive the benefit, the government has no knowledge of how the money from welfare is being used. Drug tests would solve the misusing of the welfare money, and help keep recipients clean so they can keep a job and they can take care of their family with their own earned money. Why is there welfare? Some people run into difficulties in their lives where they may need some time of assistance; in these cases, welfare comes into place. Welfare is meant to help people who really need it. As the saying goes, “Bad things happen to good people,” and when people can’t afford to put food on their table or can’t afford a home to live in, welfare takes action and helps them. Welfare exists to make sure people can get back on their feet, and that’s what welfare checks should be used for and only for. People on welfare should be using that money effectively and meanwhile they should be looking for a job so they can afford their home and food and at one point get out of the welfare system. People are not supposed to lay back and pretend that their welfare check is their salary and use these funds for whatever they want (Welfare Information). But it happens. Unfortunately, welfare has become a way of life for a lot of people in the US. They sit around waiting for their next check with no intention of looking for a job or to improve their lives in anyway...
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