Mandatory Drug Testing in the Work Place

Topics: Drug addiction, Employment, Illegal drug trade Pages: 4 (1284 words) Published: July 10, 2012
Celene Marin
Mandatory Drug Testing In The Work Place
For many years, the United States has been involved in many wars, costing millions of dollars and the death of many people. One of the longest wars that the US is still facing is drug abuse in the work place, and a widespread strategy to combat this issue is mandatory drug testing. In September 15, 1986, President Ronald Reagan signed execute order 12564, his goal was to establish a drug-free workplace. This order required all federal workers to abstain from drugs and submit to a voluntary drug test. Drug Abuse has a negative effect on the work place; therefore Drug testing should be mandatory in order to create a drug free and safe environment. This is a very controversial Topic because many will argue that resting employees violates people privacy and that it can cost a lot of money but the truth is that employees who use drugs contribute to an increase of injuries and accidents, decrease in productivity, and loss of profit. Implementing a mandatory drug testing in the workplace not only will help deter the negative effects on the work place, it will also be beneficial for all companies. Serious injuries and even death can occur during work hours if any employee is under the influence or even if they are experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Operating and handling machinery is a high risk without a doubt especially if a person is under the influence of any substance such as drugs or alcohol. A person who is under the influence, experiencing a hangover or withdrawal symptoms can have the same side effects such as impaired judgment, slow reflexes and they suffer from hallucinations. “The US Department of labor’s statistics indicates construction workers report the highest rates of illicit drug use at 15.6 percent” (Jean 2009). According to the U.S Department of Health and Human Services, “Food preparation, wait staff and bartenders reported 11.2 percent, and handlers, helpers and...
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