Mandate for Greatness

Topics: God, Universe, Hero Pages: 4 (1011 words) Published: August 28, 2012
Ferdinand E. Marcos

Each generation writes its own history. Our forebears have written theirs. With fortitude and excellence we must write ours.

We must renew the vision of greatness for our country.

This is a vision of our people rising above the routine to face formidable challenges and overcome them. It means the rigorous pursuit of excellence.

It is a government that acts as the guardian of the laws’ majesty, the source of justice to the weak and solace to the underprivileged, a ready friend and protector of the common man and a sensitive instrument of his advancement and not of his captivity.

This vision rejects and discards the inertia of centuries.

It is a vision of the jungles opening up to the farmer’s tractor and plow, and of the wilderness claimed for agriculture and the support of human life, of the mountainous yielding their boundless treasure and of the rows of factories turning the harvests of our fields into a thousand products.

It is the transformation of the Philippines into a hub of progress, of trade and commerce in the Southeast Asia.

It is our people bravely determining our own future. For to make the future is the supreme act of freedom.

This is a vision that all of you share for our country’s future. It is vision which can, and should, engage the energies of the nation. This vision must touch the deeper layers of national vitality and energy.

We must awaken the hero inherent in every man.

We must harness the will and hearts of all the people. We must find the secret chords which turn ordinary men in to heroes, mediocre fighters in to champions.

I ask for not one hero alone among you, but for many. In fact, I ask for all of you to be heroes for our nation.

Offering all our efforts to our Creator, we must drive ourselves to be great again.

This is your dream and mine. By your choice you have committed yourselves into it. Come then, let us march together towards greatness....
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