Manchild in the Promised Land

Topics: Youth detention center, Prison, Promised Land Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: September 8, 2010
Elizabeth Rivera
Period 6
Date: 9-7-10
Author: Claude Brown
Manchild In The Promised Land
Most people remember childhood as a very fun and safe time of their lives, where the only scary things were monsters in the closet or not getting to watch TV for 75% of our day. Well Claude Brown or Sonny didn’t have the “fun” childhood most people have, he was forced to grow up earlier then most kids but because of his struggles he was able to enjoy his triumphs.

This book is based on Claude browns childhood during the 1940’s and 1950’s. his childhood was very bizarre and highly stressful in my opinion. he doesn’t really know what he wants in life. There are a lot of bad influences around him and unfortunately he does get dragged into a lot of things where a young boy shouldn’t be. Sonny was someone that didn’t exactly know his place but he had a whole bunch of friends such as: Butch, Danny, Turk, and others, which got sonny into stealing, bunking school and he was no younger than 8 years old. Sonny got into many fights because according to adults if a boy could fight he was going to make it in the world. When sonny was growing up he would always be in and out of different “juvenile detention centers”. They were like a second home to him, but he leaned a lot in those places. He meant a lot of friends and also was introduced to the importance of an education. he would always get beat by his father for stealing, bunking and being disrespectful. Sonny got into drugs and when he got to that age it was all he did along with beat boxing and thinking of girls and more.

Sonny’s family life was very hectic; him and his father were not close. His parents were both country folk so it was very hard for sonny to talk to them when he being a city boy had to hear talking about “lynching” and all that sorts. Sonny’s mother was very careful about her kids, she cared for them like any mother would but and it killed her o know her son was out smoking weed, bunking school and...
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