Managment of International Business, Expanding Pizza Express Into Turkey

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Management of International Business

Expanding Pizza Express into Turkey

Executive summary 3

Introduction 4

Chosen country to expand into 5

PEST analysis 6

SWOT analysis 8

Competitive environment 9

Internationalization Advantages 9

Entry mode selection 11

Conclusion 12

References 13

Executive Summary

“The motivation for expansion internationally is to make the investing firm more profitable and competitive in the markets it serves or intends to serve.” Luo, Y (1999).

Pizza Express are a well known pizza brand in most parts of the world. They are known for serving freshly made Italian pizzas and playing jazz music at their restaurants.

They were found in 1965 in London by Peter Boizot. Now there are more than 300 Pizza Express restaurants just in the UK.

I will be looking for a Country that Pizza Express restaurants chain can expand into and what advantages it would bring to the company


Long before the recent opening of his home-town restaurant in Peterborough, Peter Boizot started the first Pizza Express in London, 1965. However his first taste of pizza was in 1948 whilst in Northern Italy. From there, he found himself in Germany where he witnessed pizzaiolos dressed in blue and white striped shirts tossing the dough high into the air. This was accompanied by opera, classical and jazz music all played off a juke machine. On returning to London and finding no good pizzas, Peter invested in a Signora Notaro oven from Italy, got an exclusive deal with London's only mozzarella maker, Margaret Zampi and took over her ailing pizza shop, Pizza Express. Soon a second restaurant was opened and the beginnings of Pizza Express started.

The chain expanded, initially as a franchise operation. In 1993 the company was brought to the London Stock Exchange by way of a reverse into a small shell company organised by Luke Johnson, Hugh Osmond and David Page.

They expanded the company both organically and by buying in the franchisees. By 2003 there were more than 300 restaurants in the UK, as well as outlets in Ireland, where it trades as Milano, and Spain and France where the brand name is Pizza Milano. In other countries the business is branded as Pizza Marzano. The company was acquired by private equity group Cinven in 2007 for £900m.

Peter Boizot recently won a lifetime achievement award for his role in the industry. “Peter Boizot famed in the restaurant industry for his role as the founder of the pizza chain, Pizza Express, was recognised by the Peach Factory Hero and Icon Awards last week with a lifetime achievement award for the outstanding contribution he’s made to the restaurant and dining industry over the years.” Kate, B. (2010).

Pizza Express offers unique dining experience to its customers, they want their customers to be relaxed and more comfortable during their visit at any of their restaurants. They use a lot of different techniques to achieve this aim, this year they have trained their staff to flirt (subtly) to make their customers feel more relaxed. “The family-friendly restaurant, famous for serving up "bambinoccinos" – a cappuccino without the coffee for kids – has...
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