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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Case Study Summary:
Laura Ashley is a success company originally established by a British woman . She originally made furnishing materials in the 1950s.She later expanded into clothing design and manufacture in the 1960s. it is well known of its English flowery pattern the company is a rare success that has been throw 11 chief executive in the last 14 years and its majority owned by Malaysian conglomerate . Although some thought that Laura Ashley style went out of favor , the company have doubled since early 2006 and its profit expected to be doubled, The analysts said that this wasn’t by luck the reason was a Good strategy they have employed. The beginning was in 1950s when Laura and his husband started producing headscarves, table mats and napkins . In 1966s Laura produce dresses for social occasions. Between 1970s and 1975 annual sales grow to 5million.and the company opened stores around the UK. It also opened department stores in Austria, Canada, Japan Paris and San Francisco. Sale were 25m. In 1958 Laura Ashely died at the age of 60. The company was floated in London with value of 200 million . Also the fashion have been changing the formality of the previous decade was replaced by a new casualness and Laura Ashely left behind it didn’t adapt but sized up. Ann Iverson was appointed as chief executive at 1995.insted of retrenched Laura Ashely and returned it to its roots she expanded the company overseas and tried to appeal to younger customers in the UK. This was a folly because she rolled out a very large stores with a high rents the sores themselves were very big for the product cataloge. The biggest movement over the recent years has been the huge growth of the home ware and the furniture business and the shrinking of clothing side. In the UK Laura Ashely has 180 stores home related products account for 80% and the clothing 20%. Laura Ashely classic flora style home related products are fashionable now. Also it relocated the pooring performing shops...
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