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Thant Zin Aung
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a ) Maersk Singapore Private Limited, represents Maersk Line, whose fleet comprises more than 500 vessels and a number of containers corresponding to more than 1,900,000 twenty foot equivalent unit in Singapore (Maersk Line n.d.) .Dominant culture expresses the core values that are shared by the majority of the organization members as noted by Robbins et al. (1998). Maersk Line culture is based on the core values of the A.P. Moller Maersk group; Constant care, Humbleness, Uprightness, Our employees and our Name. The values; Constant Care means forward thinking, planning and execution and learning from mistakes. Humbleness is showing trust and empowerment and that the organization must prepare for the future and look to Maersk‘s customers, as well as competitors, for inspiration on how they can continuously improve on their practices. Uprightness requires transparency and accountability in everything that it does with high ethical standards. Our Employees mean attracting and retaining right people and creating a motivation environment to work. Our Name, means identity to employees, showing professionalism and dedication and respecting and building on its‘ strong heritage. Through one hundred years, these values have guided the Maersk‘s daily interactions internally and externally and made the company what it is today (Maersk Line n.d.).

There is also subculture developed in some departments of Maersk Singapore. The dominant culture is that the Maersk employees are empowered to make decisions to provide quality

Thant Zin Aung

Management – Final Exam


customer service experience but the operations team, due to lack of resources, could not provide containers of good quality or some members of the customer service team preferring to use emails to communicate with the customers as they are not comfortable talking to the customers. Some sales representatives, driven by the need to achieve key performance indicators such as achieving container volume, have also resorted to selling ocean freight services at rates below approved levels to meet the budget volume set. Most of the departments are still facing challenges to assist the customers in operational issues as some of the internal systems are not being effective and the customers are still facing with late and wrong billings on their invoices due to the inflexibility of the billing system .

b) Culture determines an organization‘s success or failure (Accountancy Ireland 2006) and good organizational culture makes good business sense (Simson 2004).Corporate culture has to be developed over the years before it is recognized and accepted. In the process of forming a corporate culture, the role of the founder or the chief executive is important, as the founder is not only the creator of tangible aspect of the organization but also the cultural aspect of the organization (Pettigrew 1979).Schein (1984) have identified that culturization process has three levels. The first level is artifactual, which are the visible part, such as physical layouts, dress codes, slogans and noise levels. The second level comprises of, the value and principles on which people base their behavior and stories about past events and so on. The third and the deepest level comprise the basic assumptions about the human nature, environment truth and human relations.

Thant Zin Aung

Management – Final Exam


Most of the organizations use systematic approaches in bringing the new members into culture as stated by Pascale (1985).Other organizations may also resort to non systematic process by providing information through newspapers, manuals and handbooks, regarding the way of doing things in their organizations (Putti, Koontz &...
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