Topics: Management, Marketing, Maslow's hierarchy of needs Pages: 4 (915 words) Published: December 26, 2012
The Open University of Sri Lanka Department of Textile and Apparel Technology TTM4239 Management Studies Assignment 01 _____________________________________________________________________ Answers should be submitted on or before: 03-08-2012 Those who wish to post the assignment to reach the department before: 12-08-2012: No answers will be accepted after the submission date Assignment I - 2012 Course coordinator, TTM 4239, or to Department of Textile and Apparel Technology, Open University of Sri Lanka, P.O. Box 21, Nawala, Nugegoda. Answer all questions. Read unit I and 11 before answering the questions of this assignment. 1) (i) What do you understand by the term Management? (ii) Management is considered as a process; explain the five elements of this process? (iii) What are the basic skills required for a manager? (iv) In large organizations managers can be categorized into three levels; list down those levels? (v) Compare the different skills required for those managers in different levels of the hierarchy?


(i) What is the difference between Administrative theory and Scientific Management theory? (ii) Describe briefly the fourteen (14) principles of Fayol’s effective management. (iii) Briefly describe the contributions made by these management gurus named Max Weber, Fredrick Taylor, Henry Gantt and Abraham Maslow? (iv) What do you understand by the following terms in management theories? (a) Division of labor (b) Hierarchical structure © Unity of Command (d) Hawthorne Effect (e) Delegation of Authority


(i) Explain what Corporate Planning; and how it is carried out in an organization? (ii) What is an organization? a. Draw and label an Organizational Chart for a medium size organization? b. Describe with examples how you can use SWOT analysis for Garment Industry in Sri Lanka c. Draw a flowchart giving the main steps in planning.


(i) What are the Factors of Production? (ii)What are the groups that make up the economic System of a...
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