Managing Yourself and Your Time

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The knowledge worker- Works mostly with the mind
The law of value
Multi-tasking. Doing so many things at the same time that you can’t focus on one •Not very efficient. Hurts you
Lowers the IQ more than smoking marijuana
Distraction and Interruption
Takes twenty minutes to get back to the point you were at Friction
Inefficiency caused by something not working smoothly
No comfortable work environment
Monkey Mind(Emotions)
When your mind runs away
Reaching success. Doing one thing at a time and not straying away till you get each done. Four techniques to reaching your goals
Clean focus : Focusing on one thing uninterrupted for at least two hours at a time •Rhythm : Working for a couple of hours and taking breaks. Clean breaks when you get focused and get completely detached •Create Routines for everything you do

Renew yourself

For your business
Costumer Pillar
Conversion Pillar
Content pillar
Management pillar (Time, people and business)

Make yourself very strong and healthy
The first meal of the day is the first key to getting your body to shape 1.Some exercise
-Raising your heart rate in the morning is the number one way to renew your emotions 2. Do some meditation
3. Then go have a great meal
4. Then go read for some minutes

1.Make a list of all the things in your life that create distraction, interruption in your life and that of others. Make a top 3 list and figure out a way to knock them off
Put a plan in place to eliminate the other things
2.Make a list of 3 activities which you believe will create more value for your business Vow to spend at least one uninterrupted hour per day to focus on them 3.Make yourself a daily routine to wake up to everyday
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